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Still Swallowing the Spider: Day 28 of Medical Leave

At the risk of courting accusations of hypocrisy, I’ll tell you that I started a new medication today. Three weeks ago, one of my doctors suggested trying two new medications – I believe that was the day I went home … Continue reading

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The Merton Prayer

I have no idea whether I believe in God. But this prayer makes me wish I did. I think of it as “the prayer for people who don’t pray.” My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going. … Continue reading

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A Blank Canvas: White Belt (Part 1)

My journal of my martial arts training begins on April 3, 2005, shortly after I received my orange belt – so my reflections on the first six months of my training will have to come from memory. The most prominent … Continue reading

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Magnesium: Day 26 of Medical Leave

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that my question last Wednesday about whether I should consider taking magnesium supplements caused my doctor to scratch herself, yell at me, and accuse me of being constipated. OK, the part about … Continue reading

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Between Fibroids and Flatulence: Further Thoughts on Dr. Weil

I mentioned yesterday that I was an adherent of Dr. Andrew Weil’s back in my twenties – and to some degree I hung on to the habits I developed in those years until recently. But after I finished yesterday’s post … Continue reading

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‘Lying to the Computer’: Day 22 of Medical Leave

This month’s issue of Harper’s includes an article called “Starving Your Way to Vigor: The Benefits of an Empty Stomach.” In this article, journalist Steve Hendricks both reviews the history of medicinal fasting in the United States during the nineteenth … Continue reading

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Reality Check: Medical Leave, Day 20

Keeping this blog has been good for me. I’ve worked on it almost every day since I’ve been out on medical leave, and it’s given me a chance to write down some thoughts that have been on my mind for … Continue reading

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