Tradeoff: Still Day 5 of Medical Leave

The bad news is that today was a miserable day. Not so much because I was in pain, although I was, but because some combination of lack of sleep, caffeine withdrawal, and Brain Injury yuckiness made me feel like a gigantic humanoid blob of TV static. You know – that gray and white stuff that used to show up on TV screens back in the days before digital cable? That’s what I felt like today.

The good news is that I am using the small amount of eyesight and brainpower at my disposal to read a novel about Marines in jungle combat during the Vietnam War, and I am learning a wide variety of new and creative ways to say that I’m having a miserable day. I’ll try some of my new expressions out here sometime – keep checking back.

But the TV static thing? Not from the novel. That one was all me.

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