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When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears (How I Got Here, Part 4)

In class, whenever we reach a moment in literature that asks readers to suspend their disbelief (the moment when the scarlet A glows in the sky in The Scarlet Letter, for example, or the description of Pilate’s missing navel in … Continue reading

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A Former Martial Artist Speaks of Bruises

To borrow an opening line from Langston Hughes, I’ve known bruises. I’ve seen their muddy bosoms turn all golden in the sunset. My soul has grown deep like the bruises. I’ve said I loved my years of martial arts training. … Continue reading

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Lab Assignment #5

Problem: Continued lower back pain; shoulder pain Hypothesis: Continuing routine of twice-daily leglifts may help lower back pain; adding shrugs with a theraband may help shoulder pain Procedure: Twice a day (morning and night), complete 20 leglifts and 3 sets … Continue reading

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Lab Assignment #4

Problem: Insomnia; generally erratic sleep patterns Hypothesis: Maintaining a strict routine (going to bed and getting out of bed at the same time each day) may help this problem Note: I realize that for many people this one is a … Continue reading

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She Swallowed the Spider to Catch the Fly: Some Thoughts on Pharmaceuticals

Last week I told a doctor that I felt like the old woman who swallowed a fly. He was not amused. For the infinitesimal percentage of my readers who do not know the song I’m referring to, here are the … Continue reading

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Watching the Sun Rise: Day 15 of Medical Leave

So last night I didn’t sleep. I got a good, long night’s sleep on Tuesday night after acupuncture, and then on Wednesday I had a 3 pm massage and a relaxing evening but when I went to bed nothing was … Continue reading

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Snapshots from a Summer

When I was preparing to write my last post, I looked over some journals and story drafts from the summer of 2004 and found the following five quotations, all written on the same page – a very telling freeze-frame of … Continue reading

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