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“Who Do You Play For?” (How I Got Here, Part 3)

If you ever want to feel like a terrible person, try yelling at a developmentally disabled child in public. After I left my first school on that early-morning flight, I took a job for the summer as a nanny for … Continue reading

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“The terror / of being just one person…”: Medical Leave, Day 12

I’m no monk, but I’ve had my share of nights like this: The Monk’s Insomnia The monastery is quiet.  Seconal drifts down upon it from the moon. I can see the lights of the city I came from, can remember … Continue reading

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Weird Day – Still Day 10

I didn’t get much blogging done today. I did work on a post that I’ll finish tomorrow. The vertigo continued all day, and every 3-4 hours I was sucked back into a deep rabbit hole of sleep. By my calculations, … Continue reading

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Resolution: Medical Leave, Day 10

I may be on medical leave, and I may be more than halfway through my threescore and ten, but I will NOT watch Murder, She Wrote. There I draw the line.

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A is for Adult: Personal Reflections on The Scarlet Letter

When my students complain that they don’t like The Scarlet Letter, I tell them to remember the thestrals. Thestrals are the creatures in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels who pull the carriages that bring Hogwarts students back and forth between … Continue reading

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Whoa – Day 9 of Medical Leave

Shortly after I wrote my little summary of today’s acupuncture appointment (see Lab Assignment #3), I became extremely sleepy. I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly stay awake, so I went into the bedroom and slept. I woke up 3 … Continue reading

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Lab Assignment #3

  Problem: Fibromyalgia pain, migraines, brain injury side effects, TMJ pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, difficulty concentrating, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and the occasional hangnail Hypothesis: Acu – acu- acu – <gasp> puncture could help with these problems. Commentary: Acupuncture has a … Continue reading

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