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Weird Confessions Wednesday – Week 1

So I am inaugurating a new tradition here at Six More Weeks: Weird Confessions Wednesday. Every week on Wednesday (except when I forget, am incapacitated by an acupuncture hangover, or am too busy reading Diana Gabaldon novels) I will tell … Continue reading

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Self-Control: Day 76 of Medical Leave

On the to-do list for today: Restraining self from performing moxibustion on cats (because HOW COOL would a blog entry on that topic be?)

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Caution to the Wind: A Moxibustion Story

When it comes to taking precautions, I tend to either take almost none at all (like the time in college when I set out on a cross-country drive with only about $200 to my name – or the time last … Continue reading

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Sometimes a Moxa Pole is Just a Moxa Pole

I think I’ve written before that my Tae Kwon Do school was located in Hemet, California and that I lived about a half hour up a nearby mountain in the town of Idyllwild – a quirky town of artists, old … Continue reading

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Playing Catch with Condoms: Some Thoughts on Eccentricity in Education and Growing Up Female at the Tail End of the Sexual Revolution

A pink plastic case arcs through the air, soaring over the rows of coal-black lab tables. A teenaged girl ducks to protect her face but catches it like a fly ball in both hands. She opens the case quickly, glancing … Continue reading

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