Week Two of Re-Entry Begins

The first thing I want to say is that I actually feel half decent right now. It is a bright spring morning, and I am in a small, comfortable room proctoring the AP chemistry exam (Noble gases! Six point oh two times ten to the twenty-third! As temperature increases, pressure decreases! My education was SO not lost on me.) for exactly TWO very intense students, the kind who like to skip ahead on filling in all the little bubbles instead of waiting for the proctor to read the instructions step by step. As a result, some labels ended up in the wrong places, but we fixed that.

I feel OK. I could teach a class without having a panic attack right now, I think. But the weekend… not so much. I didn’t leave the house once. On Saturday I barely left the couch, and on Sunday I barely left the bed. I read a ton and slept a lot. I worried a little about the decision I need to make, but probably not as much as I SHOULD have worried. Because it’s a big one…

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2 Responses to Week Two of Re-Entry Begins

  1. badkitty1016 says:

    Oh dear. That sounds like foreshadowing to me. Way to leave us on the edge of our seats! Glad you’re doing okay though.

    • lfpbe says:

      Not really foreshadowing, which would suggest that I know what’s going to happen and am just withholding it. I have no idea what I’m going to do!

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