Day 110 of Medical Leave: On Which My Identity Just (poof!) Changes

Yesterday I went to an acupuncture place in San Francisco that my acupuncturist recommended (Fun fact of the day: All acupuncturists know each other. Seriously.). Because it was my first time there, I had to fill out a lot of paperwork about my personal information and health history. And here’s what I did: under “Employer,” I wrote “n/a.” Under “Occupation,” I wrote “Writer.”

I felt like a fake – like a little kid playing dress-up (and I must say that I had dressed the part quite well: old sweatpants and a vaguely surfing-related T-shirt. Dressing as a writer has never been a problem for me). If it were this easy to change one’ s identity, everyone would be doing it, right?

When I was leaving, I saw the receptionist typing up my paperwork and preparing my file. She didn’t even stop to think or look suspicious or ask to see my MFA. That means it’s real, right?

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