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Week Two of Re-Entry Begins

The first thing I want to say is that I actually feel half decent right now. It is a bright spring morning, and I am in a small, comfortable room proctoring the AP chemistry exam (Noble gases! Six point oh … Continue reading

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Re-Entry: Day 3

So I made it two and a half days into my readjustment to work before I totally melted down. To be honest, I thought I would last longer, and I’m both disappointed and scared. On Monday, I felt shy and … Continue reading

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Some Larkin…

Schoolmaster He sighed with relief. He had got the job. He was safe. Putting on his gown, he prepared for the long years to come That he saw, stretching like aisles of stone Before him. He prepared for the unreal … Continue reading

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Oh, and by the way…

My acupuncturist made my ankle skewer go away. Even better than that, she showed no sign of finding the fact that there was an invisible kebob skewer in my ankle surprising, implausible, or humorous, and she didn’t even suggest that … Continue reading

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I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!: Day 88 of Medical Leave

During the first two months of my leave, every time I left home I did so in full secret agent mode, planning the outing carefully to make sure I stood absolutely no chance of running into anyone I knew. During … Continue reading

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Cat Whispering – Day 85 of Medical Leave

My cat Cleo’s new favorite place to sit is right on top of the envelope containing the paperwork from my doctor that will enable me to go back to work on a limited basis next week. She really spreads herself … Continue reading

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Back to Square One: Day 84 of Medical Leave

If you want to know how I feel today, just scroll back to the beginning of this blog and read the entries from the beginning of February. I have little bruisey spots all over my face, head, and neck (not … Continue reading

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