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What a Decade Did

I was in a motel in Hamburg, Arkansas when I learned that I had been hired for my first boarding school job. It was a decade ago, almost to the day. I knew that the call was coming and checked … Continue reading

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Re-Entry: Day 3

So I made it two and a half days into my readjustment to work before I totally melted down. To be honest, I thought I would last longer, and I’m both disappointed and scared. On Monday, I felt shy and … Continue reading

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Back to Square One: Day 84 of Medical Leave

If you want to know how I feel today, just scroll back to the beginning of this blog and read the entries from the beginning of February. I have little bruisey spots all over my face, head, and neck (not … Continue reading

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The Return of the Skewer of Death and Other News: Day 83 of Medical Leave

A while back, when I was trying lamely to explain what fibromyalgia pain feels like, I mentioned that I almost always felt as if there was an invisible metal skewer piercing my right ankle, making a nice little ankle kebob … Continue reading

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Sometimes a Moxa Pole is Just a Moxa Pole

I think I’ve written before that my Tae Kwon Do school was located in Hemet, California and that I lived about a half hour up a nearby mountain in the town of Idyllwild – a quirky town of artists, old … Continue reading

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Magnesium: Day 26 of Medical Leave

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that my question last Wednesday about whether I should consider taking magnesium supplements caused my doctor to scratch herself, yell at me, and accuse me of being constipated. OK, the part about … Continue reading

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Between Fibroids and Flatulence: Further Thoughts on Dr. Weil

I mentioned yesterday that I was an adherent of Dr. Andrew Weil’s back in my twenties – and to some degree I hung on to the habits I developed in those years until recently. But after I finished yesterday’s post … Continue reading

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