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Sometimes a Moxa Pole is Just a Moxa Pole

I think I’ve written before that my Tae Kwon Do school was located in Hemet, California and that I lived about a half hour up a nearby mountain in the town of Idyllwild – a quirky town of artists, old … Continue reading

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A Blank Canvas: White Belt (Part 1)

My journal of my martial arts training begins on April 3, 2005, shortly after I received my orange belt – so my reflections on the first six months of my training will have to come from memory. The most prominent … Continue reading

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A Former Martial Artist Speaks of Bruises

To borrow an opening line from Langston Hughes, I’ve known bruises. I’ve seen their muddy bosoms turn all golden in the sunset. My soul has grown deep like the bruises. I’ve said I loved my years of martial arts training. … Continue reading

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